Night Runs series, which has been organized every year since 2017 and promises the most unforgettable night running experience in Turkey, continues with all its excitement in 2024 under the main sponsorship of Under Armour!
A bright night full of fun and sports awaits you with the Under Armour Night Runs that will take place in Belgrad Forest at two different times of the year!

Under Armour Night Run, May 18
18 May 2024 Saturday Belgrad Forest 6K / 12K

Under Armour Night Run, September 14
14 September 2024 Saturday Belgrad Forest 6K / 12K

Rules & General Information

All rule updates will be announced on the event official page “Rules of Race”. Participants are obliged to follow these rules regularly until the race day.

• The times of the athletes will be measured starting from the moment they pass over the electronic chip measurement system.

• Food supplements and drinking water will be provided to the participants at the designated checkpoints.

• Participants can deliver their valuables and other items to the official, as determined by the organization, before the race. These items will be delivered to them at the end of the race, including the organization teams, except the athletes.The responsibility for the items to be carried in the backpacks during the race belongs to the athlete himself.

• You must be 18 years old to participate in the race. Participants under the age of 18 may participate in the race in the presence of their accompanying parents (as runners). Participants under the age of 18 are required to fill out the Parent Consent Form on the link, have it signed by their legal parents, and fax it to the organization's authorities during registration. The original form must be submitted to the organizers at the start of the race.

• In order for participation to take place, the participant must fill out the required form in the application section and pay the participation fee for the category they want to participate in. The chest numbers that the participants are obliged to carry throughout the race will be distributed from the registration desk, which will be set up at the start point on race day.

• The organization team and the referees have the right to exclude the runner from the race if they see a risky situation regarding the health of the athlete at any point in the race.

• After the check to be made before the race, the athletes who do not have the materials specified in the mandatory material list will not be accepted to the race.

• Athletes who do not have the necessary equipment or do not comply with the rules stated above and who are excluded from the race for any reason by the decision of the referee will not be refunded.

• The participation of the registered athletes in the race is their own responsibility. Participation fees will not be refunded in the event of non-attendance or cancellation of registration.

• The registered athletes have to take the competitor kits before the start. No kit distribution or shipment will be made after the event is over.

• As long as the organizer does not inform about the cancellation of any category, the race will be held regardless of the number of participation in the category. Due to the low number of participants, no refunds will be made.

Liability and Insurance
The responsibility for participation in the organization belongs to the participants. The organizing company is exempt from any liability. This includes accidents, lost property, or other tools or equipment. Upon receipt of the participation certificates, all participants accept that they and their teammates do not have any health barriers to participating in the run.
In addition, all athletes participating in the competition are insured by the Federation throughout the duration of the race, in accordance with the special road race instructions of the TAF (Turkish Athletics Federation). Insurance costs are covered by the organizing company.

If any of the following occur, the relevant competitor will be disqualified.

• The transfer of a chest number and chip to another person is grounds for disqualification.

• Leaving or changing the route will result in the disqualification of the competitor.

Mandatory Materials

Each participant is obliged to have the following equipment with them during the race. Athletes who have missing equipment during the material contro are not allowed to participate in the race.
Mandatory materials for all participants:
• Head lamp and two spare batteries
• Your mobile phone must be with you and always on during the race.

In case of emergency, you can reach our team from the phone number on your bib number.

Awards & Sort

• No monetary award is given in Under Armour Night Runs.
• All competitors participating in the race are given participation medals.
• All competitors who are ranked will receive a trophy and a surprise of sponsor brands, if any. Awards are given.
• There is no age category in the race. General ranking will be made in 2 classes as Women and Men.
• Time measurements for both race categories are made according to GUN TIME (collective start time).
Paralympic Category Classification:
A special podium medal will be given to all disabled participants competing in the Under Armour Night Runs. No separate classification will be made.

Tips & Tips

Considering the weather and geographical conditions on the date of the event, it is useful to have the following materials with you;

• A light raincoat
• Bottle carrying apparatus
• Small backpack or waist bag
• Multi-purpose buff / bandana / beret
• Spare clothes

It is recommended that participants bring spare clothes with them in order to change them after the race. These materials will be kept by the organization during the race and delivered at the finish point.

Under Armour Night Runs are held throughout the year on the Belgrad Forest Neşet Suyu track. It is mandatory to run the track with a head lamp. Before coming to the event, make sure that your headlamp is working properly and provides adequate vision.

Health Advice
Respiratory and Those with heart diseases should not participate in the race.
Wear your sports shoes with socks.
Leave the race for a health problem that occurs during the race and seek help from the teams and health officials at the checkpoints.
Adequate training, condition and health, successful A must for a run. Responsibility for this matter belongs to the participants themselves.


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